Mullica Township is located in the Northeast portion of Atlantic County, in the New Jersey Pinelands. The Township has a total area of 56.58 square miles. It is bounded on the north by Washington Township in Burlington County; on the east by the City of Egg Harbor; on the south by Hamilton Township; and on the west by the Town of Hammonton.


Mullica Township’s population is 6,147.  Mullica Township had a population of 5912 in 2000 — 104.5 persons per square mile. Of the 2000 population, 4764 were white, 371 black, 16 Native American, 49 Asian, 7 Pacific Islanders, 196 were of two or more races, and 509 were “other”. The Hispanic population was 975. The Township experiences a population bulge due to an influx of migrant workers during the harvest season. The median age in Mullica Township is 39.9 years.

Form of Government

The form of government in the Township of Mullica has been established as the Committee Form. The Township is governed by a committee consisting of five elected members – each of whom serves a three-year term. The mayor is selected each year by the Committee, and presides over the meetings.